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Our Chemistry Club

The past few years, the chemistry club has gained recognition in our school and community, while participating in field trips, contests, and events.
Here you can learn a little bit about who we are.

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Fundraising at the Stamford High Holiday Fair (2018)
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STEM Festival in Stamford (2018)
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End of the year outing (2019)
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Some of our new members for 2019-2020 at the Holiday Fair!

Click below to see our current club positions:

Karla Ravin

Vice President and Social Media:
Jessie Penafiel

Vice President:
Rudra Bhavsar

Our Advisor: Mrs. Kaiser

Mrs. Kaiser has always been the sponsor of the chemistry club and has guided us through our highs and lows. She is a chemistry and a sheltered class teacher at Stamford High and even founded the Science Research class. Her room is dedicated to science and helping our community. She is the glue that holds us together!

Current Members:



Beau Faith Bardullas

Brendan Doffou

Camila Chavez

Diana Wawrzonkiewicz

Edgar Molina

Eric Zheng

Genesis Escobar

Gianna Cardillo

Giuseppe Pugliese

Jack Walsh

Jessie Penafiel

John Matura

Julia Amesquita

Julianna Bosco

Katie Garcia

Karla Ravin

Kaya Wawrzonkiewicz

Lesley Bello

Lizet Garcia

Luke Steiner


Priyanka Uma.

Raul Rosario


Rudra Bhavsar

Sania Sheik

Serena Sweeney

Therese Saldua

Graduated Members:

Class of 2019: Greg Marantz, Ronald Bear

Class of 2018: Alan Alteus, Aniruddh Gunupuru, Bevon Walford,

Daniel Slipyi, Richie Dong, Vedant Gannu, Vincent Sato

Class of 2017: George Karakyklas, Jasper Cruz

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Created by club President Karla Ravin