Chemistry Club

Stamford High School


Over the past year, we've done an incredible amount of community service, activities, parties, and competitions.

By participating in our events, members earn volunteering hours and fundraise for the club!

In addition to these activities, we have parties on days of scientific achievement, such as Mole Day.

We are open to and looking forward to all of the new members' contributions and suggestions!

Here you can take a look at the fun events we do that don't include our weekly experiments!

Here you can see our most popular experiment: slime. We both sold and gave samples to the community in efforts to teach kids science and encourage them to pursue it.

For years, the chemistry club has participated in Stamford's annual STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Festival at Mill River Park. In May 2018, we made slime with the kids who came, and it was the most popular booth! Later, in September 2018, we chose to experiment with another recipe of slime, and that year there were multiple booths taking after our lead! Eveyerone enjoyed it; the kids, the parents, and us. We plan to continue with STEM Fest and earn more volunteering hours!
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Sponsored by the Class of 2020, the Chemistry Club participated in the November 2018 and 2019 Holiday Fair at Stamford High, selling three of our experiments including slime, bath bombs, and soap, as well as some nifty pencils and lollipops. Kudos to the members that always help out! We made $250 total from this event.
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With our newly earned money, we want to start going on field trips and having end of the year outings. This past school year, we started with just that by going to Greenwich and also goingout to Bedford Thai on our last meeting!

Engineering Tomorrow is an organization that aims to increase the amount of women and minorities in STEM fields. Stamford High's chem club was the first public school the organization has worked with, and we went to the Bruce Museum in Greenwich to study windmills and create some ourselves! We plan to continue working with these amazing people and our chaperones Mrs. Kaiser, Dr. DelGiudice, and Mrs. Downer.

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Here you can find the two videos filmed during the 2018-2019 school year with the chem club.

This competition was discovered by two members of our club, and we filmed a video to get us the chance to win up to $5,000 for lab improvements! The whole school ended up voting for us, but sadly we did not win (even though we deserved it, the other schools had pristine labds compared to ours!)

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To rival Westhill's lip dub, Stamford High created a lip dub and the chemistry club played a part in the 5th floor hallway in early 2019.

click here to see Westhill's lip dub from 2018

We have been expanding our club over the past few years, having a net gain of 10 students! We love having more kids interested in STEM and our experiments and activities. Keeping within 25 members allows us to have very individualized experiments, which makes science the most fun.

We have gained members by attending various club fairs over the school year, like the freshmen orientation in 2019. Here we have senior members attracting new kids in the cafeteria.

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Created by club President Karla Ravin